Never miss a mention
  • Review all conversations in one Inbox.
  • See high-value mentions first.
  • Keep track of negative or positive tweets about your business.
  • Monitor mentions of your brand.
Know your followers
  • Know when someone unfollowed you.
  • Get suggestions on top tweeters and influencers to follow.
  • See who’s behind the tweet, your history with them and hashtags they’ve used most
  • Know who's not following you back.
Know your followers
Engage new leads
Get valuable leads and start the conversation. Find new followers and build lasting relationships with potential and existing customers for your business.
Share the knowledge
Find and share top curated content and tweets with your followers. Shared links display your profile and business website for them to follow.
Post only when people read the most
  • Schedule best time for posts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn simultaneously.
  • Monitor engagement rates of published posts.
Post only when people read the most
Know how you're doing
  • Get analysis of competitors and their followers, stats and influencers.
  • All data is saved and indexed.
  • Robust, shareable and downloadable analytics reports.
  • Website widget report.
Know how you're doing

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