Why #HappyMonday Could Make Your Week

You guessed it, #HappyMonday is a hashtag that trends on a Monday. It’s a way to get pumped up about the week ahead and to help others do the same.

Ever noticed that social media trends change quicker than you can say Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino? And that’s a whole lot of frustration and overwhelm that no one really has the time for. After all, between Instagram’s new archive feature and Facebook’s suspiciously altruistic outlook on life, who can keep up? We like to think we can. And it’s in that spirit – and because we’re super cool – that we decided to launch a weekly blog post series where we unpack some of these trends. You can thank us later.

To kick things off, we’re going to focus on the Happy Monday hashtag. This pesky little hashtag never fails to bring a smile to our face. Because when Monday – Monday Bloody Monday – rolls around as it always does, few of us are happy. Instead we reach for the snooze button still bleary eyed from the weekend. This hashtag challenges us to be better than that. And you’ve gotta love it for that!

What’s the deal with #HappyMonday anyway?

You guessed it, #HappyMonday is a hashtag that trends on a Monday. It’s a way to get pumped up about the week ahead and to help others do the same. A hashtag that encourages you to be positive and maybe a little cynical. What could be better than that?

Not feeling Happy Monday? This may change your mind

#HappyMonday is so much more than just another hashtag. It’s popular enough to make even the dullest Monday seem exciting. Almost. According to data from RiteTag, the hashtag is estimated to be seen by at least 204,000 people every hour. In addition, it’s estimated that there are 13 retweets of #HappyMonday tweets every hour. That’s impressive stuff.

You had me at exposure. Now what?

Use it. It’s really that simple. Just add water … we mean #HappyMonday to one of your tweets on a Monday and you’re good to go. We recommend including an image and making the tweet fun and playful. You can even try tweeting something inspirational like a quote.

And of course, can always help you with all this. First off we have the handy Trending Hashtags widget which appears on the Quick Actions dashboard. What’s so exciting about this? Well – these are the hashtags that are trending in your community. Your community! That’s right. Unlike Twitter which showcases trending hashtags in different parts of the world, we focus on your community. Pretty cool and real powerful when you’re trying to connect (not just make chitchat) with your community.

From the Trending Hashtags widget, you can participate in whatever conversation is trending simply by clicking Tweet. It’s really that simple. This means that #HappyMonday will only appear as an option for you if this hashtag is important to your community.

The other way you can use to take over the world take advantage of #HappyMonday is with our Schedule feature. From the Schedule dashboard you can set up a campaign which gets sent every Monday using the hashtag. The useful thing about this is that you can choose which segments of your community to target from your Top Engaged members to your Top New Followers and almost everyone in between. Just think how much your most engaged Twitter followers would appreciate some early Monday morning motivation. We think that deserves some enthusiastic Twitter love and maybe even a retweet.

Here’s to a happy Monday

We challenge you to make this upcoming Monday one to remember by giving #HappyMonday a try. One simple, seemingly insignificant hashtag could make all the difference. Good luck and be sure to let us know what kind of impact this had.

Do you use #HappyMonday? How effective do you find this hashtag? We’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

Nicole Hyman

A social media expert, trend-spotting geek and writer, Nicole can be found at the intersection of tech and daily life. When not on the lookout for the latest tech to make life that much easier, she equips entrepreneurs with the social media skills they need to survive in the digital world. Offline she has been known to indulge in homemade gnocchi.

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