6 of the most powerful ways to use visual content on Twitter

If you have time in your hand, you could spend that working really hard to create great visual content. Then scheduling them like a storm on Twitter to get engagement. You could also hire a fancy designer to get the work done as well.

You can do all these and still not come up with smart work. Or you can choose to save both your money and your time to come up with amazing and effective visual content on Twitter.

Why? Because visual marketing is the next cool thing nowadays. It’s not just hot in the simple terms, it is one of the most powerful attraction tools in the current business scenario.

Here are a few tricks that you can use to become a customer magnet on Twitter:

Attention Grabbing Posts:

Now, this point is both crucial and basic. In order to get noticed and before you can apply any trick, you have to make sure that your content is both eye-catching and unique. You have to ensure that your content is original and compelling so as to grab the attention of your clients.

It is important that you work to engage your audience in some way. Sharing the same type of content over and over again will get them bored and tired. The content you share must be in some way unique to your brand. Something that your audience will eagerly wait to see.

For instance, Airbnb has made the effort to merge its business with relatable images. Out of the box ideas always attract people. If they see the same content over and over again they will find it boring and will surely not engage much with it.

Add Logo or Website Address To Your Images:

Though this small step will only take a minute to get done, it will do a world of good to your brand image and recognition. Adding a logo of your brand makes it easy for the audience to understand that the picture or the visual content belongs to your brand. This applies to all products, any product in fact. It is like hallmarking your images and branding them as your very own.

Branding images has yet another benefit, others cannot use them without copyright. The brand logo will prevent the images from being used in other campaigns. Just like Burger Farm did it in it’s Twitter posts.

You can also use a simple variation of your logo or a watermark. This will also create a feeling of consistency and uniformity.

This principle works on the basis of human psychology. We connect to anything that we recognize and are used to seeing. If your viewers are used to seeing a particular type of images, they will immediately connect it with your brand.

Images That Can Be Shared:

There is no point posting visual content on Twitter which cannot be shared by others, then you don’t get enough engagement. Sharable content can be almost anything like funny pictures, creating inspirational quotes, tips and all the other interesting visual elements that you post online.

Such posts are very popular on Twitter just because they are simple to reuse. Your clients and audience can just hit the share button and repost it on their wall or feed yet again.

However, for all that to happen, you need to think about what type of content works best for your audience, understand their interest and then cater to it.

Appealing Visual Content:

More than 84 percent of communication in the current times are visuals. That is the reason visual content has become so very popular. Even it is dominating the entire content marketing strategies of businesses.

However, in addition to being the most popular means of communication, visuals can be used to communicate with people about your brand.

In that light, you have to combine images with effective and meaningful texts. In other words, you can use texts to ask the questions, share the quotes and in general to make your ideas known.

Concise Texts On Images:

You must understand that your users don’t have a lot of time in their hand to read a yard long text attached to the images you share. Most users on Twitter scroll as quickly as possible through the feed to catch up on what is happening with everyone else.

In that light, if you wish to grab their attention, your content must be crisp, funny and smart.

The texts must be made bite-sized against a non-competing background to catch the attention of your readers.

Use of Infographic:

Infographics are widely shared and are the most popular means of sharing crucial information. Though they take some time to create, they prove to be successful each time.

Since they are a visual means of presenting data, they are crisp and smart, you cannot possibly add a lot of texts to it. This goes on to grab a lot of attention.

So use these tips well to create a swell Twitter feed. Let your visual content do the talking.

Netanel Baruch

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