Creating A Twitter Marketing Strategy To Optimize Conversion

Social media marketing is an integral and vital part of marketing for all modern companies. It’s become a rich marketplace full of all sorts of opportunities for companies from giant multinationals to tiny start-ups. Up amongst the really valuable players in terms of social networks is Twitter, a huge name for social media and for marketing. When marketers get going with Twitter it can be used to achieve all sorts of special results, from masterful customer service operations to basic marketing and advertising. Conversion is the element to social media marketing that shows whether it has all been worth it. It’s the proof in the pudding and, if it can be achieved, will lead directly to those results that you and your company most want. So, with that said, let’s take a look at how to unlock the conversion you want through Twitter.

Keep In Step With ‘The Conversation’

In Twitter terms, ‘the conversation’ refers to the overall, large scale picture of talking points that the users of twitter are touching on. In a much different way to real-life conversations, you can easily keep track of the conversations on twitter through the intuitive hashtag/trending metric that twitter promotes. “Finding ways to thread your own campaigns and topics that you most want people to encounter and ultimately convert on through the ever-fluctuating larger narratives that dominate the Twitter conversations is an excellent way to go about Twitter marketing. Don’t manufacture or contrive too intensely, but, when you see an opportunity, pounce on it”, says Jeremy Hart, Twitter expert at Academized and BigAssignments. This all requires a bit of work since Twitter moves at an incredible speed so keeping up to date can be hard. But, with an efficient social media marketing team, it ought to be more than manageable.

Engage With Activism

One of the frontline themes that Twitter users catch on to is activism, of all sorts. As a company, it’s very easy for users on social media to dismiss you as self-interested and corporate, in a way which jars with the very nature of social media. Adopting a cause, one that you genuinely connect with and feel you can really impact, will boost the exposure all of your posts receive, not just those in direct relation to your charitable activities. This makes it far more likely for your rate of conversion to elevate and you get the added benefit of doing a really good deed that will raise your company’s profile and improve your image endlessly.

Find An Influencer

The power of influencers is something which, to under-educated modern companies, is a bit obscure. Twitter influencers are even more complex than influencers on a site such as Instagram since twitter is much more conversational and much less showy than Instagram. “Finding a really committed influencer to adopt your brand over twitter can be a really crucial step towards making a huge impact on your marketing-related sales. Finding the right person is hard but, the pay-off being so potentially valuable, it’s well worth the time spent to find them”, advises Sherry Smith, social media writer at Assignment Service and the State Of Writing. Investing heavily in this can buy you a lot since it’s one of the most cost-effective methods of social media marketing available to you.

Use Video

The use of video as a tool in marketing is hardly a recent one, with the power of television adverts, for example, already know very well. The use in social media marketing is also common knowledge and has become so ubiquitous that you actually find regulation adverts which are shot so that the framing can be adjusted for mobile shaped social media feeds. One area that is currently somewhat under-explored in this field is the use of live video. Twitter’s live video functionality is relatively new and, consequently, hasn’t been take advantage of to its full potential. The main benefit of this from your perspective, as a company looking to harness Twitter marketing for real results, is that you get the novelty factor, a really powerful agent in a world where most advertising targets are so desensitized to social media marketing campaigns. Attention spans are so short on the internet that the media format being so fresh and exciting is so much more likely to secure you some valuable engagement, in a way that other formats don’t.


The intellectual and conversational nature to Twitter has created for a situation where, although it isn’t altogether deserted, it’s purposeful usage as a resource for a digital marketing unit is somewhat neglected. That oughtn’t to be the case, especially since the available options to companies who are interested in optimizing their conversion rates are incredibly versatile and diverse. So, if you’ve hesitated before, hopefully, this list will give you the courage to jump in.

Chloe Bennet

Chloe Bennet is a social media guru at Buy essay UK and EliteAssignmentHelp. She helps with content creation and management. Also, Chloe teaches business presentations skills at Essay writing help Sydney service.

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