Twitter Channels Of Popular People & Brands. How Do They Use Them?

Twitter Channels Of Popular People & Brands.
How Do They Use Them?

Did you know that 5,857 tweets are sent every second and that 326 million people use Twitter every month? But the phenomenal power of Twitter doesn’t really lie in its numbers, impressive as they are. Twitter’s strength lies in the fact that it’s a social media platform that sees an extremely high daily engagement rate. People use Twitter for discovery, whether it’s the latest news, celebrity spat, or product innovation. This is what makes Twitter one of the most effective brand-building platforms, whether that’s for celebrities or organizations (but the platform is no longer for everyone, see the disclaimer at the bottom of the article). This is exactly why a Twitter campaign can be such a powerful digital marketing strategy.

In this article, you’ll find out:

  1. How trends on Twitter are determined.
  2. Celebrities and brands that have created a splash on Twitter.
  3. The benefits of marketing effectively on Twitter.

How To Trend On Twitter

Twitter is one of the best platforms to generate effective conversations and create value for potential customers. Let’s take digital marketing for instance. If you have to figure out how to reach out to potential customers for your digital marketing service on Twitter, you’ll have to understand how to trend on Twitter, and in content marketing. If you want to trend, there are some important things to keep in mind – but remember, even if you mastered each of these points, then trending is still no guarantee:


A report by SemRush showed the most popular hashtags to combine with #ContentMarketing. Unsurprisingly, #digitalmarketing is the most common at 61% of analyzed tweets. This is followed closely by #seo (51%), #marketing (39%), #socialmedia, #smm. Being aware of the hashtags and their popularity tells you exactly what to use in your own tweets.

Hot Topics

It’s important to understand the topics that add the most value to your target audience. For digital marketers, for instance, the content strategy was found to be the most commonly discussed topic. It’s important to understand what your audience wants to know about so that you can craft truly engaging content.

Content Style

The content format is also extremely important. Different content formats work for different kinds of products and services. You need to figure out which content format works well for you on Twitter. With digital marketing, for instance, statistics are the most popular way of expressing information. 9% of analyzed tweets use stats while another 15% have statistical images. Since effective content marketing itself relies on meaningful data and analytics, the common use of statistics is not surprising.

Translation Warning

It may be that you want to reach a wider or a more specific audience in another part of the world, which may require you to post your Tweet in a different language. Take a word of advice, DO NOT use Twitter’s translator, as it’s based on Bing, which has a history of being really… REALLY bad. Use a professional translating service or someone you may know personally & trust.

Celebrities And Brands That Are Making A Splash On Twitter

While discussions on Twitter are supposed to be organic and topical, there are some brands and celebs that break the mould. Not only do their Tweets garner worldwide attention, but they’ve also been known to unintentionally create Twitter Trends. Here’s our list of celebrities and brands that have taken their Twitter game to the next level and beyond.

Fortnite’s Twitter

Epic GamesFortnite Battle Royale has emerged as the latest gaming sensation. Its Twitter account takes user engagement to the next level. From the latest releases and new features to downtime and bug fixes, everything is communicated on Twitter in real-time. The Twitter account also leverages the popularity of the game by promoting a range of cool Fortnite merchandise. With an average of 10 tweets a day, and close to 7.5 million avid followers, Fortnite’s Twitter account is the perfect complement to the game itself.

Elon Musk’s Twitter

Elon Musk’s Twitter profile is arguably one of the most impactful ones out there. His Tweets are constantly creating a stir. Whether it’s business teasers, his life philosophy, his confrontation of critics, or controversial opinions, his Tweets have it all.

Musk is a habitual Tweeter, and sometimes tweets several times a day. In fact, among big-tech company CEOs, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff is the only one who tweets more than Musk. Another fascinating aspect of Musk’s tweeting style is that he replies to a large number of users who tweet at him. His replies are not determined by the user’s popularity, if he finds the tweet interesting, he replies.

Musk is best known for his casual tone, his candour, and his wisecracks on Twitter. He’s one of the most popular CEOs on Twitter, with more than 25 million followers. By creating an authentic and genuine presence on Twitter, Musk ensures he has a captive audience for brand announcements.

Kanye West’s Twitter

Kanye West is one of the most controversial personalities on Twitter. Whether you love or hate his Twitter avatar, it’s hard to ignore. Whether it’s his proclamation of his love for President Trump, or his eagerness to see Michael Jordan on the $20 bill, his tweets are anything but boring. But the reason Kanye West has close to 30 million followers on Twitter is that he’s always authentic. His tweets are always an accurate reflection of his thoughts (we assume at least). It’s his unpredictability on Twitter that keeps users on their toes, eagerly awaiting his next tweet.

Trump’s Twitter

There’s no doubt that President Trump has made his presence felt on Twitter over the last few years. With 59.8 million followers, he’s arguably the most talked-about account on the platform. Much before the US Presidential election, Trump decided to use Twitter as a tool to articulate his opinions. These opinions are mostly political, and often designed to stir things up, as well as bring important issues to the American public. Trump’s controversial account has attracted its share of haters who believe he’s using the account to broadcast lies, despite evidence to the contrary. Yet, there’s no doubt that he’s used Twitter to provide a counter-mainstream-narrative that has won him both followers and votes.


JetBlue’s Twitter is very different from most of the others on this list. Its Twitter strategy is not centered around being interesting, but around being helpful to store customers. Their customer service team goes above and beyond to answer every single question that’s tweeted at them. They’re also known for impulsively tweeting special sales and discounts. This keeps their followers hooked. JetBlue wants to use its Twitter presence to establish itself as a brand that truly cares about customers.

The Benefits Of An Ace Marketing Strategy On Twitter

Taking a cue from these brands and celebrities, it’s clear that Twitter is all about engagement. If your Twitter presence is not interesting or valuable, you simply won’t become part of the conversation. Nevertheless, Twitter can help you connect with your audience in a way that few other platforms can. Here are some of the benefits of marketing on Twitter:

Build Engagement With A Wide Audience

While platforms like Instagram and Facebook have many more users, the strength of building a Twitter community lies in its engagement. Twitter is all about conversations that are provocative, interesting, and meaningful. And this can work for B2C as well as B2B. If you have something that adds value to a discussion, or sparks further discussion, you can find a captive audience (with some exceptions). For a brand, Twitter can be very beneficial if they’re willing to listen to customers and resolve problems.

Potential For Organic Reach

With Twitter, it’s much easier to make a mark with organic content. While paid ads are available, lots of brands and individuals benefit from creating a free account and sharing valuable content.

Communicate Your Brand Ethos
Since Twitter is largely about narratives and conversations, it’s a great platform to communicate your brand ethos. Your tweets can establish the tone and voice of your brand and clarify what you stand for. This is great for building a long-term brand identity.


A number of popular people and brands have used their Twitter channels to enhance their brand image and build an impressive following. This goes to show that when it comes to engagement, there are few platforms as effective as Twitter. The key is to find your most authentic voice and then convey your opinions as interestingly as possible. You should certainly consider using Twitter as part of your overall digital marketing strategy.


It should be noted that the Twitter platform has been becoming increasingly politicized, and multiple conservative voices have been censored, discriminated against, false flagged and deplatformed, despite not breaking the community guidelines; Twitter seems to have no or little genuine interest in appeals in such instances. The platform has shown clear political bias towards certain individuals and topics. Other issues such as shadow banning, etc. have also been reported. Some have reported that completely false allegations of their content got them banned. You may remember someone from Twitter temporarily deleted President Trump’s Twitter account. It must be remembered that people write the algorithms, people review complaints and flags (which can be group mobilized against individuals), etc. and these people may be political activists. So if you have the “wrong” political point of view, or touch a particular sacred cow, then you might not be welcome on Twitter for very long. Hence, some have started moving to other platforms, like Minds, among others. Here are one person’s reasons for being suspended from Twitter, and why they decided to permanently leave the platform, and here’s another. This is not merely a problem with Twitter, but also other major social media platforms, like Facebook, and the two biggest search engines: Google and its Youtube, as clearly demonstrated by this political commentator.

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