This Feature Lets You Monitor Mentions of Your Brand’s Business Intelligence lists are useful for keeping track of all mentions of your brand on social media.

Do you remember the United Airlines debacle from earlier this year where a passenger was dragged of a plane to make room for a crew member? The actual details of the event are less interesting. What we took away from this blunder was the vehement reaction from users on social media.

The incident sparked such outrage that the hashtag #NewUnitedAirlinesMottos started trending. United Airlines have since admitted that they plan to revamp their social media team so that they can be better prepared to respond to such events. And that’s something all businesses, big and small, can learn from.

Why you need to track social media mentions of your brand

What this teaches us is that it’s essential to have some sort of strategy in place to deal with customer feedback otherwise things can quickly get out of hand. And while the comments about your brand may not be enough to cause a hashtag to trend, you still need a way to stay on top of things.

Notifications can be a good place to start, but this isn’t always enough. After a while such a haphazard system is hard to keep track of and everything seems to just blend together. Who knows where one notification ends and another begins? If you aren’t careful, you’ll soon find yourself with one indistinguishable stream of notifications.’s Business Intelligence lists can help.

How to monitor your brand on social media using’s Business Intelligence lists help you keep track of all mentions of your brand. The lists are broken down into positive and negative feedback making it easy to address any issues quickly.

You have the option to reply, retweet and like tweets from both lists. You can also follow or unfollow users from these lists. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend retweeting positive tweets so that other members of your community can see this positive feedback. Negative tweets should be a priority and should be responded to as quickly as possible.

How to use’s Business Intelligence Lists

The lists can be found under the Community tab. Once you’ve clicked on this tab, you’ll see Business Intelligence. To see positive feedback, click Share Positive Tweets. Similarly, to see negative feedback click Respond to Negative Tweets. It’s that simple.

Have you used’s Business Intelligence Lists? What are your thoughts about this feature? We’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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