Social Media News: Twitter’s Teams Feature Now Available on Mobile

We decided to launch a new weekly blog series which focuses on the most important social media news stories shaping the industry.

Social media is one of those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it industries that has grown faster than the internet. The only thing predictable about it is the regularity with which it changes. New trends are so common in fact that there’s no knowing what next week’s best practices will be. And yet the internet is littered with content that predicts what social media will look like in 10 years. This is bold and unhelpful. Because let’s face it, anyone who claims to know where social media is headed knows more about click bait than the unpredictable intricacies of social media. The reality is that social media is ever-changing and its future is anyone’s guess.

Instead of focusing on future trends, we prefer to look at the here and now where no crystal balls or baseless predictions are needed. We aim to offer a valuable look into what really makes this industry tick. That’s why we decided to launch a new weekly blog series which focuses on the most important developments that are shaping social media. This may give you some insight into where the industry is headed, but more importantly it will influence your social media strategy. Each week we ask: what are the main news stories shaping the social media landscape and what do they mean for you? It’s an exciting time to be involved with social media, and you don’t want to be left behind.  So grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started.

Here’s the social media news you need to know this week.

1. Twitter’s Teams feature now available on mobile

Multiple users can now now manage and tweet to the same Twitter account from mobile without needing to share the account’s login details. This after Twitter enabled their TweetDeck Teams feature on iOS and Android. Up until now the feature was only available on desktop through the Twitter-owned TweetDeck platform. This update will make it easier to manage a business’ Twitter profile run by multiple people without having to sign into different accounts. It also adds another layer of security as there’s no need to share passwords.  (TechCrunch)

2. Twitter brings Night mode to desktop

After initially debuting on iOS and Android, Twitter is now rolling out its new night mode theme on desktop. This makes the Twitter interface dark navy which is meant to increase legibility. In addition, the new theme is reportedly easier on the eyes. Great news for anyone who spends more than a few hours on Twitter everyday. This theme is yet to roll out to all users. (The Verge)

3. Instagram Stories may be extended to feature the last week

Currently Instagram Stories lets you either snap a picture in real-time or share something from the last 24 hours. The social network is now experimenting with letting users share moments from the last week. This feature is only available to some users, but once it rolls out widely it may encourage more users to take advantage of Instagram’s ephemeral feature. (TNW)

4. New Facebook feature wants to help you make new friends

Facebook is rolling out a feature which encourages you to connect with your friends’ friends by showcasing what you’ve got in common. This includes things like events you both attended, pages you’ve both likes and places you’ve both lived. In addition, the social media giant is trying to strengthen current connections with what’s being dubbed a Tinder-style feature. This feature would connect you with friends you indicate you’d like to hang out with. Unlike Tinder, the feature would pair you with your current friends and you’d simply indicate whether or not you’d like to hang out. If there’s a match, Facebook will connect you. Currently this feature is only available to users in Toronto and New Zealand. (TechCrunch)

5. LinkedIn launches LinkedIn Audience Network

In a move that should come as no surprise, LinkedIn has launched the LinkedIn Audience Network which allows advertisers to target LinkedIn members on websites and apps other than LinkedIn. The idea is that this will help advertisers and marketers reach a new audience beyond the one they target on LinkedIn using LinkedIn’s demographic data. (AdAge)

Did we miss something? What social media stories are you following this week? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.

Nicole Hyman

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