Social Media News: Instagram Introduces Video Autoplay Feature

Last week we saw that once again video seems to be where many social networks are focusing their efforts with Instagram introducing a new autoplay feature.

To say last week was busy for social media seems redundant. It goes without saying because every week is busy for this tumultuous and ever-changing industry. That’s why it helps to stop and reflect on the big headlines, and how they may impact the way we approach social media in the months to come. And if you look carefully enough you may even spot a trend or two.

Last week we saw that once again video seems to be where many social networks are focusing their efforts with Instagram introducing a new autoplay feature. It’s going to be interesting to see how video shapes social media going forward. In other news both Facebook and Pinterest are testing new features which we’re looking forward to seeing in action.

Here are the top 5 social media stories you need to know about from last week.

1. Instagram introduces video autoplay feature

A new video feature from Instagram will see all videos autoplay without any sound. However, if you tap to turn the sound on for a particular video all videos will autoplay with sound for the rest of your Instagram session.  What’s convenient and clever about this feature is that Instagram defaults to audio off on every login. That’s one way to solve autoplay and makes a feature which we see popping up on different social network less invasive. (TechCrunch)

2. Twitter fixes offensive ad targeting bug

Twitter says it has fixed a bug which made it possible to target people interested in offensive and derogatory terms such as nazi. It’s believed that due to this glitch, millions of people could have been targeted with this offensive content. In fact according to The Daily Beast, before this bug was fixed an ad targeting a keyword like nazi would have been capable of reaching over 18 million twitter users. (recode)

3. Pinterest testing board within board feature

Pinterest is experimenting with adding a new feature which will let users create boards within boards. This will make it easier to organize ideas by segmenting them into subcategories or boards. If for example, you have a food board with this new feature you’d be able to break this board into a series of sub-boards such as chicken, chocolate and vegetables. (Silicon republic)

4. Facebook is experimenting with mentor pairing

Facebook is testing a new feature which would pair users with relevant mentors. While not much is known about this feature, it seems that both mentors and mentees would be able to apply. It’s believed that people would be matched based on interests and then on what they have in common from geographic location and friends to professions. This is a significant addition to Facebook’s offering and is one of the first signs that the social media giant is trying to become more relevant to business professionals. [TechCrunch]

5. Facebook is testing a mute feature to temporarily snooze friends’ posts

Facebook is testing a feature which would make it possible to mute posts from certain friends. This would provide users with a handy alternative to unfollowing people. Using this feature, one can choose to hide a person’s posts for 24 hours, a week or 30 days. The feature will also apply to pages and groups. [The Verge]

What social media stories did you find most interesting from last week? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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