Not Sure Your Social Media Strategy Is Working? Try This

Thanks to our Sent Posts Analytics feature you can see how every post you send through performs. This includes how many clicks, likes and retweets a post received.

Have you ever stopped to think about how much time you spend waste finding content to share on social media? One thing is for sure, it’s probably more than an hour which is what most of us are estimated to spend on Facebook daily. Because let’s face it, maintaining social media is super time consuming and calls for multiple caffeine-enriched breaks. Done right you’d probably need to devote the equivalent of a full time job to the daily social media grind, and who has that kind of time?

But that’s just it, even though we spend hours littering social media with content do we really know what’s working? Ironic isn’t it? Most of us spend our days drowning in so many cat gifs and other notifications that we don’t have a clue. And even those of us who pay diligent attention to how many likes or shares a post gets, only have a vague idea. And that’s sad. Our social media activity could be so much more meaningful and effective if we spent even half the amount of time we waste looking for content, analyzing what works.

We know what you’re thinking: Now on top of everything else you want me to analyze my social media activity. Chin up mate! We get it. There are only 24 hours in a day and no one wants to spend an hour more than they need to in front of a computer. And that includes us. The good news is that we can help. Thanks to our Sent Posts Analytics feature you can see how every post you send through performs. This includes how many clicks, likes and retweets a post received. Pretty handy, right?

How analytics can boost your social media

Paying close attention to how your social media content performs can give you powerful insight into your social media activity, and may even help you grow your community. Which is why we’re so proud of our Sent Posts Analytics feature. In one glance you can see which tweets are working and which aren’t. This data may even give you a better understanding of your community and their preferences.

We recommend that you review this data on a daily basis to see if you notice any trends. This is especially useful if you’ve recently implemented a new social media strategy. By simply scrolling down this list you should get a pretty good idea if what you’re doing is working. It’s a good idea to start off by looking for posts with the most clicks. This will give a sense of which posts your community found interesting enough to click on. Posts with the most retweets are also important to focus on as these are the posts your followers found interesting enough to retweet.

How to use the Sent Posts Analytics feature

The Sent Posts Analytics feature was designed to be user-friendly and intuitive to use. To get started simply click the Schedule tab. From this dashboard click the Sent Posts Analytics tab. You will then be presented with a list of every tweet you’ve ever sent through

The analytics  includes the number of clicks, likes and retweets for each tweet. Simply scroll down the list to see all tweets sent. To view the tweet on Twitter, click the timestamp.

There is an option to filter this data. You can decide to view the data for all tweets sent at once or can filter the list to display tweets from Scheduled Posts and Campaigns only. There is also the option to compose a tweet from this dashboard which may come in handy should you decide to duplicate one of the successful tweets.

Do you pay attention to social media analytics? Do you this such data to inform your social media strategy? Tell us about it. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

Nicole Hyman

A social media expert, trend-spotting geek and writer, Nicole can be found at the intersection of tech and daily life. When not on the lookout for the latest tech to make life that much easier, she equips entrepreneurs with the social media skills they need to survive in the digital world. Offline she has been known to indulge in homemade gnocchi.

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