How To Find Top Trending #Hashtags?

How To Find Top Trending #Hashtags?

Hashtags are like threads, both help you get to the source of a post. But the only difference is that hashtags make it way easier to find and separate the relative topic from the complex cascade of tweets.

Sure, people love Twitter for the real-time updates they receive. But without hashtags, the world of Twitter is just blur and gray. According to Kinsta, tweets become 2x times engaging as compared to the tweets without hashtags.

It seems that without the hashtag’s power of engagement, you’re bound to get lost in the sea of tweets. But on the downside, using too many hashtags can make your message lose its value. From a marketing point of view, hashtags serve to be of great importance because marketers can use them to touch on the interests of their target audience.

The way their audience uses the hashtags makes it easier for them to reach them using the assertive power of hashtags.

Since hashtags are so important, what actually are these and how come they become an important feature of today’s social media? Let’s discover below.

What Are Hashtags And Why Use Them?

Hashtags are usually the keywords or phrases combined with a pound/octothorpe ‘#’ sign – without space in between. For instance, if you put a # sign before a keyword like ‘Christmas 2018’ or ‘New Year Resolutions 2019’ then you’d come up with a hashtag: #Christmas2018 and #NewYearResolutions2019.

As we discussed above, these come in handy when you’re referring to a topic of your interest. Hashtags primarily originated on Twitter but were later integrated into another platform due to their effective approach. Anyone can just type in the hashtag that they want to find and search for the topic of interest. This enables them to come across numerous tweets surrounding their search query.

Via hashtags, people can discover your content and engage with you.

If you’re a marketer, you’d probably want to target your prospective customer and hashtags make the job much easier. You first need to research the hashtags that are most popular among your customers, for which you’ll need to scour and track the hashtags that serve as a connecting link between you and your customers. Your market on Twitter amplifies once you use the right kind of hashtags.

How to use hashtags?

Twitter has about 336 million monthly active users and most use hashtags to make their message more effective. However, hashtags can be used for anything, for example, #HumanRights, #HappyHolidays #HowTo, #MissUniverse, and so on. You can use hashtags for the upcoming events, themes, places, activities, things, technology, and anything that interests you. Here’s an example of #MondayMotivation tweet from DesignMantic. See how different hashtags are used relative to the tweet.

[Insert Tweet]

With the idea about what you want to use hashtags for, you can use it anywhere in a tweet. If hashtags are based on popular topics, they climb the list of the Trending Topics.

No matter how you want to use hashtags, there are always a few things to consider.

  • Your hashtags won’t work properly if you use spaces between the # symbol and the keywords.
  • Anyone can discover your hashtagged content if you’re using a public Twitter account.
  • It’s recommended that you use no more than 2 hashtags per tweet as the best practice. But you can use as many hashtags as you please.
  • Hashtags don’t work properly with punctuation; for instance, the hashtag #ThankGodIt’sFriday isn’t correct though there’s nothing wrong with the phrase. You can use #ThankGodItsFriday instead.

Now you’ve got the idea of how to use hashtags properly, let’s talk about how you can use them in your posts.

How To Find The Trending Twitter Hashtags?

When you have to track hashtags to get the wind of the most trending topics or improve your customer reach, some tools can come in handy. Just note that every tool has its pros and cons, but can help you develop a better understanding of how you can use hashtags to identify your niche, drive customer demographics, and engage your target audience and so on.

What’s Trending on Twitter

Of all the places where hashtags can be found, Twitter is by far the most abundant source. Under your profile, you can find a list of 5 trending topics and hashtags on the left-hand side. Below is an example of the trends worldwide.

Under each trend/hashtag, you can see the figures of how many people have mentioned the keyword in their tweet. You can get personalized insights depending on location, interests, and the people you follow. All you have to do is just enter your desired hashtag in the search bar at, fill in some specifications, and click search to view your results. is an all-encompassing yet sophisticated tool developed to help you track your Twitter hashtags with improved propensity. As you get started with, you come in presence of multiple features that not only allow you to schedule tweets, but also notifies you of your mentions and manage your followers – all done via twitter hashtag tracking.

Once you sign up and choose a plan, you can develop what this tool refers to as ‘social listening’ by using/tracking twitter hashtags to keep track of whoever mentions you or your business.

By entering the community tab, you get a multitude of options among which you can generate leads and track your hashtags at the ‘New Leads’ tab.

On the left-hand side, you can search using keywords, bio, add new followers and so on. Enter a keyword and all the hastagged results will show up. As a Twitter-specific tool, can be used as a brand ambassador. Marketing on Twitter is just simple and convenient as that!


Another great tool to discover Twitter trending topics and hashtags worldwide is Trendsmap. Just name a tweet, hashtag, word, user or any topic relative to your business or interest, you can analyze, visualize and create alerts for any of these.

Whether want to search for global tweets or the ones trending in your area, you can customize your research by choosing from a variety of plans. When you’re choosing plans, they add to your convenience by telling you the plan suitable for you. From the recentness to digging up old hashtags, this tool makes sure you know what’s trending in the Twitter World.

Either zoom in and check out the trending hashtags around the world or click open the navigation bar to search for your keyword. Click on your hashtags to see who has used your hashtag in Twitter.


Based on the real-time engagement, this tools allows you to explore the possibilities hashtags are used for. Apart from using hashtags for text, RiteTag suggests you hashtags for images as well. Here, you can also create groups of hashtags and add them to your tweets without any delay.

You can also integrate hashtag suggestions in your social media profile management. The best bit about it is that you can easily operate this tool via multiple devices. Whenever you search for a hashtag, it also offers you a 100% full report of Tweets containing your hashtag along with sentiment data and much more. Here you can find the best twitter hashtags for attracting the right kind of followers and drive engagements.

Simply use the search bar to find the exact matches as well as related hashtags. You can also view the figures on how many people have used the exact terms as well as related terms.


Hastagify is your go-to marketing tool that deals exclusively in hashtags. Using the intelligent hashtag search engine, you can search the most relevant and the best hashtags to enhance your reach, recognize relevant influencers, amplify your social media productivity, track your competitors, and employ the smartest marketing solutions.

Here, you can manage all the hashtags you’re using on Twitter along with a complete analysis of the hashtag and its reports. Plus, you can avail custom suggestions based on their popularity, related hashtags, influencers, and competitors. As for pricing, it depends on what features suit your requirements. It is probably one of the best ways to get appropriate followers on Twitter.

You can simply enter your desired keyword and hit search or track. In a jiffy, all the results appear, where you can explore the popularity, discover related hashtags, and view all the demographics and keyword mention.


From Twitter handles to hashtags, the latter is getting a more pronounced usage for marketing than ever. As much as Twitter hashtags are the defining features of the 140-character tweets, the former play a critical role in Twitter optimization – and it’s probably something you must know as a Twitter marketer.

Tracking, finding, and analyzing the trending hashtags via the tools mentioned above help you gather relevant information and let you dig deeper into every detail.

With this article, it’s hoped that you’ll make use of these Twitter hashtag tools and figure out how these tools contribute to your strategies. Let us know what you think though #TrendingHashtags

Alexandra Reay is an editor and regular contributor to Review and hire a writer project. She is also a professional content writer at Brill Assignment Help who prefers to do research on the following topics – self-improvement, technology innovations, global education development etc. Meet her at Twitter.

Alexandra Reay

Alexandra Reay is an editor and regular contributor to Review project. She is also a professional content writer who prefers to do research on the following topics - self-improvement, technology innovations, global education development ets. Meet her at Twitter.

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