How Do You Grow Your Followers on Twitter with’s Newest Update

We know the drill, you’re a small business or community manager, and you need to grow your followers on Twitter.
Why? Because you need website traffic, because it’s fun, or because your boss told you to. Whatever the reason, can help you reach those goals. Growing your followers on Twitter is not easy, but it can be! is an intelligent Social media marketing dashboard, that helps you manage and engage your followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. You can schedule posts, find people to follow and unfollow, and more.

We’ve put together a handy list of our favorite 5 tips that you can do every single day, that will help you grow your followers week over week. Oh, and did we mention it’s free?

  1. Follow, Follow, Follow

The best social media gurus know, that in order to grow your followers you have to follow new people every single day. You may be asking yourself ‘Why?’, and we get it, it seems a bit funny to follow people in order to gain followers yourself. The reason this is such an effective technique is that it helps you get discovered. When you follow someone new, they see the notification, check out your profile, and if they like your page – they follow back! Later you can worry about unfollowing people, but for now, follow, follow, follow, and start growing your community.

Pro Tip: In, we find new people for you to follow every day. Better yet – we try to find you people interested in the same topics as you, people you’ve engaged with in the past, and more. Go to the Dashboard and check out the ‘Consider to Follow’ list and ‘Engage New Leads’ list. Try hovering on someone to see their profile, and find out more about them. We suggest you follow at least 50 people per day to see growth every single week.
If you’re looking for unfollow lists, we have the ‘Not Following Back’ list and ‘New Unfollowers’ list, which helps you clean up your following list. 
2. Engage & Respond

The next step is to keep your community engaged. This means, talk to people! It’s important to start new conversations, reply to interesting tweets, and retweet posts you like every day. You don’t just want 5,000 new followers, you want 5,000 followers who know who you are and engage with your tweets every day. That’s the real value of building relationships. You have to give a little to get a little, it’s definitely worth the effort.

Pro Tip: In, we help you build relationships at scale. In the My Community tab, you’ll find Unreplied Messages and Unreplied DMs. You don’t have to skim through hundreds of messages, we organize them for you by importance. You’ll see posts from Influencers and Engaged Followers first. Check back every day to reply to your core community. Try to respond to people’s messages quickly, Twitter is a fast-paced world. Yesterday’s news is already history.


      3.Find New Leads

A great way to follow and engage with new people is using the New Leads tab in You can pick a topic that relates to your business, and we’ll find you new people every day to follow and start conversations with.

How it works: Let’s say you sell coffee online. and you want to grow your followers, We help you monitor topics like ‘Coffee’ ‘Filters’ and ‘Coffee machines’. You add the topics you like, and you can search for tweets and bios on Twitter. This would help you get in touch with coffee lovers and people who will potentially be interested in your business. Every day, the tab is updated with new people to talk to, saving you precious time.
       4.Schedule lots of posts

A key part of Grow Your Followers is posting a lot of Tweets. You have to keep people interested and give them new content to read every day. Scheduling your tweets in advance gives you an opportunity to spread out your posts, and also post to multiple profiles at once. Meaning if you know you’ll be busy on Wednesday, you can schedule all your posts a few days in advance, and sit back and relax.

Pro Tip: helps you schedule posts using the Best Time feature. You don’t have to guess what time is the best time for you to post, will analyze your community and your followers, and schedule posts at the time that will get you the most engagements and exposure. You can schedule to Facebook and Linkedin too, which is a huge time saver. All your scheduled posts are organized together, so you can see which days are missing posts, and help you stay on top of everything, on all your profiles!

       5.Share more posts your audience cares about

It’s not easy to always write new blog posts and social media posts, so a great way to fill your feed with high-quality content is by sharing articles. Finding articles that will entertain and inform your followers is important, but definitely, time-consuming. has a solution for that too.

Pro Tip: Sign in to and go to ‘Share Top Articles’ on the Schedule Tab. Here, pick a couple topics you care about, and we’ll find your new articles to share every day. You don’t have to lift a finger. Choose whether you want to automatically share new articles, or manually and review articles before they go out.

Try to post between 2-5 articles per day.

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