Discover What Matters Most to Your Community with This Feature

Our Trending Hashtags feature identifies which hashtags are the most popular in your community. This gives you a sense of what matters most to your community in one glance.

You know how Twitter asks “What’s happening”? Well have you ever really stopped to think about that question before tweeting something? Most people don’t. And that’s understandable. We get it. Who has the time to contemplate, mull over and ponder the bigger questions when all you have is 140 characters to say everything. Talk about pressure.

No wonder so many of us choose to fill our Twitter feeds with food porn or resort to cute gifs and memes. Because let’s face it talking about “what’s happening” all day long, gets pretty boring pretty quickly. No offense Twitter. And that’s why the internet invented dancing orangutans.

The reality is that as charming as this and other animated primates may be, they doesn’t tap into anything more than our constant need to be entertained. But it doesn’t have to be that way thanks to our Trending Hashtags feature.

Real conversations start here

When you’re ready to be part of the conversation on Twitter, we can help. Our Trending Hashtags feature identifies which hashtags are the most popular in your community. This is exciting because in one glance you get a sense of what matters most to your community. No more second guessing or random gifs because you have nothing to say.

Our feature identifies what you should be tweeting about if you want to spark an engaging conversation. Unlike Twitter’s trending hashtags feature which focuses on what’s trending on Twitter in general, we concentrate on your unique community. This means what’s trending in one person’s community may not be trending in another’s.

We recommend that you pay close attention to the Trending Hashtags feature. Even if you choose not to tweet about these hashtags, they’ll help you better understand your community and what makes them tick.

How do the Trending Hashtags work?

1. Review your hashtags: The algorithm identifies which hashtags are trending in your community. You’ll see these displayed under the Tweet Trending Hashtags widget. To see what people are saying about the hashtag, click the hashtag.

2. Tweet using the hashtag: When you’re ready to tweet, click tweet. We recommend that you personalize the text by adding something topical and relevant to the conversation

3. Choose when to post your tweet: You can either send your tweet immediately by clicking Share Now. Alternatively, you can use the Best Time feature which will schedule your tweet to be sent at a time when your community is most active.

Do you use trending hashtags as part of your social media strategy? How effective do you find this? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

Nicole Hyman

A social media expert, trend-spotting geek and writer, Nicole can be found at the intersection of tech and daily life. When not on the lookout for the latest tech to make life that much easier, she equips entrepreneurs with the social media skills they need to survive in the digital world. Offline she has been known to indulge in homemade gnocchi.

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