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How to Use Twitter to the Fullest for Content Promotion [All-Embracing Guide]

I would like to start with some stats if you have nothing against it.

Did you know that over 4 million blog posts are published on the internet every day?

These numbers prove the fact that there are almost zero online companies that don’t create content massively.

But let’s go on with statistics.

Did you know that over 500 million tweets are sent every day?

And these numbers tell us that Twitter is a widely-used social media platform by the people around the world.

Now, I can conclude that both content creation and Twitter might have direct correlation. This correlation is evident – you create a piece of content and share it with your subscribers on Twitter. That’s correct.

But what if we try to take a closer look at this correlation?

Let’s start!

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  1. You like to Click “Tweet” and “Retweet”

When someone launches a website, he or she knows for sure that every aspect of the website’s activity should be reflected on Twitter. Thus, a website owner shares every update that appears on the website almost without any hesitation.

Yes, social media is a good place to promote your brand and push your business forward.

However, there is a small misconception in clicking “tweet” blindly.

Just compare these two examples below:

And this one:

The first tweet has some entertainment or personal intent. In other words, it has no promotional value at all. However, according to the number of “likes” and “retweets” this tweet belongs to some famous person. The second tweet belongs to a business owner who made this tweet for promotional purposes. You can see the mentions of other people included in the article and a few hashtags. All these attributes are indicators of active content marketing promotion via Twitter.

In this case, Twitter is a first-go social media platform that has been used for a content promotion that would give more exposure to brand in the niche. Just imagine that the entire army of your followers gets to know about your newly published content in a single click made by you.

What’s more important, the real power of promotion on Twitter could be divided into three “tweet strikes”:

  • Your personal announcing about any updates on your website

It doesn’t matter what update you want to notify your followers of via Twitter. Just do it! Ahrefs has 29.2K followers and our update regarding monthly search volume distribution of 1.9 billion search queries has got 472 retweets and 778 likes:

As you already guessed, a single click could get us an opportunity to notify our army of followers with no hustle.

  • Retweets from other Twitter users

Let’s say that some of your posts has gained lots of traction on Twitter and some of the big influencers decided to retweet it. For example, if Matt Cutts would retweet some of our tweets, we will be introduced to his huge audience of 538K followers:

  • Visitors of your blog share your content on their Twitter accounts first-hand

I think there is no need to explain what it means. It is when people visit your blog, read the content and share it with their followers on Twitter:

To sum up, “tweets” and “retweets” are the things that you must deserve and be able to make your target audience share: your content or whatever news that appear on your website. Plus, you should not be confused with the tweet real aim – whether it has a personal intention or it is for the sake of business promotion.

  • How to Find a “Home” for Your Content with the Help of Twitter

Since this post touches two aspects of using Twitter for content marketing, I want to talk about guest blogging. To be precise, I will explain how to find guest post opportunities for your articles.

I am quite sure that most writers search for new guest post opportunities by using Google Search console:

Yes, I use this method myself sometimes. But it becomes harder to find a blog in Top 10 results that would deal with you. The reason why is simple – these blogs are highly popular and they accept big-name guest contributors rather than small fish writers. Thus, your chances are tiny.

Likely, Twitter can help you find a few guest post opportunities on the fly. Use word combinations like “write for us” + “marketing” or “submit a guest post” + “marketing” and voila:

Now, you can choose the blogs that you like the most and send them your guest post request.

  1. A Few Suggestions on How to Promote Your Content on Twitter Plainly
    Finally, we’ve reached the actual suggestions on content promotion on Twitter. There are two nuances you should take into account:
  2. Share with the audience content that you are proud of
    Due to the fact that you want to add a link back to your website within your tweet, you should make your tweet engageable to your audience. It goes without saying that the tweet should introduce top-notch content. But I don’t think that the followers will give credit to your tweet if it doesn’t catch their eye.

Include an awesome featured image, add the hashtags, write a user-friendly intro to the piece of content you’re introducing, and earn retweets together with the likes:

  • If you want more retweets, try to offer your followers something in return

We like free stuff – this is part of being human. However, you know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Thus, you can use this approach in your Twitter content promotion strategy.

Give your followers an offer that’s hard to resist. And ask them a certain amount of retweets in return. Just like this:

Switch on your imagination and run the offers that would bring you lots of retweets.

The Final Words

Marketers have always been puzzled with three key elements that help overall content marketing success. These elements are content creation, content publication, and content promotion.

I have just introduced you to a guide on how to search guest post opportunities for your content and how to promote it using Twitter. I didn’t tell you how to create content because it all depends on your writing skills. But using the ways of Twitter exploitation will help you in your content marketing efforts for sure.

If you found this post useful, feel free to leave comments and share it on your social channels.

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