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Case Study: How Wix Ran a 6M Twitter Campaign Using

Wix asked us to help them run a Twitter campaign which targeted their 6 million users. Here’s an in-depth look at how this campaign was run and managed using

Our goal is to help businesses grow and cultivate relationships with their customers and supporters using social media. A growing number of businesses of all sizes trust us to help them achieve their business goals on Twitter. But when Wix, a world-leading Flash website builder, came to us asking to help them run a Twitter campaign, targeting their user-base f more then 6 million people, we weren’t sure how to use twitter exactly it would play out. Looking back, the success story of the campaign has some valuable lessons companies can learn from.

The Inception

When the Wix marketing team set out to create a Twitter-centered marketing campaign, they had two goals.

  1. To increase user engagement with the worldwide @Wix account and the Spanish @MundoWix community
  2. To bring a sense of fun and joy to the Twitter community

Carolina, @MundoWix community manager explained:

At Wix, we came up with this amazing Twitter contest idea: asking our followers to confess their darkest secrets, twitting the phrase “Nobody knows I_____ . @Wix #KnowsMeBest”. The contest was to be held on both Twitter channels for a week, and we would give away 3 smartphones as prizes to the most creative twitterers.

Bringing Idea to Life

After setting up the ground rules of the contest, Wix realized that they needed a way to monitor all the hashtag, tweets and retweets during the campaign. That’s where entered the picture. Our solution allowed Wix to:
  • Monitor #KnowsMeBest hashtag using Twitter’s real-time stream, which guarantees delivery of all tweets (in contrast to Twitter Search, which is notoriously unreliable)
  • Prioritize all the hashtag mentions by the influence and relevance of people tweeting and retweeting them
  • Report on the engagement of the community during the campaign on a daily basis, broken down by members, and sorted by multiple parameters, such as # followers
  • Connect with the new members beyond the campaign, turn them into supporters, and see their full engagement history with Wix (all mentions, dms, retweets of every member in one chronological thread)

The Campaign

After sending an email with the contest rules to more then 6 million Wix users, the contest began. The tweets were pouring in, Wix community managers tracked the hashtags, engaged back the community, and at the end of every day received a detailed report on community engagement. At the end of the week, when the contest finished, they received a detailed weekly report.

Reports that Wix received  contained not only dry numbers, but more importantly, a detailed list of members that engaged during the campaign, sorted by their member rating – a 0-100 score of member’s influence and relevance specifically to Wix (in contrast to a universal personal score, a-la Klout, which doesn’t consider the differences of every community).
Carolina shares her experience running the campaign:


We worked with dashboard to both manage and track entries in the contest. Without, keeping up-to-date with the tremendous activity we had on both our channels would have been impossible. With thousands of confessions, and having reached Trending Topic in Latin America, we can say this was a successful and fun campaign!”

The takeaways

There are several lessons companies can learn from the way Wix ran this Twitter marketing campaign:

  • Multi-Channel Approach – while the contest ran on Twitter, the first engagement with the user base was using email. This shows that the inbox is still a major a user behavior driver
  • Reliable Monitoring – since Twitter Search can’t be used consistently for monitoring,  a robust monitoring solution should be used, to eliminate loss of leads
  • Short-term Gains and Long-term Benefits – while the short term goals of increasing engagement were the focus of the campaign, the long term benefits weren’t forgotten. After the campaign finished, Wix community managers made sure to follow up with key influencers (right from the dashboard) in order to ensure their continuing involvement and support.

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We had a blast working with the Wix team, their professionalism and friendly spirit were unbeatable! We are looking forward to our future cooperation 🙂

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