How to Use The Best Hashtags to Get More Followers and Engagements

The birth of the #hashtag

I bet we’ve all wondered at one point or another: where did hashtags come from? Why put a # symbol before a word, and why should I do it? The first hashtag was used in 2007, by a Twitter developer. Ten years later, hashtags exist on Twitter, Instagram.
Hashtags help people can discover others talking about a certain topic or event that interests them. You can add a # symbol before a word to find people who are talking about the same topic, like #GameofThrones, and join the conversation easily. It’s an awesome way to talk to people who you don’t follow and who don’t follow you.

Pro tip: On Twitter, use up to 3 hashtags per post. On Instagram, you can use up to 30, and definitely the more the better!

Using hashtags in your tweets and Instagram posts can help you get more exposure, more likes, more retweets, and more followers! It all starts with using the right ones. We’ve compiled a handy list of hashtags for every day of the week, try them out:


#HappyMonday – Wish your followers a happy beginning to the week!
#MondayMotivation – Post some motivation, a cool quote, inspiring photo, or what you did today.
#MondayFunday – Share a fun fact about you or your business, invite your followers to respond.


#TipTuesday – Give tips, tricks, or hacks that can inform your followers about your industry.
#TravelTuesday – Post a fun photo of somewhere you’ve been, or somewhere you want to go.
#TransformationTuesday – Share how far you’ve come in business, fitness or life, with his hashtag.


#Humpday – Half way through the week, share some motivation.
#WisdomWednesday – Share some business wisdom that will interest your audience.
#WomenCrushWednesday – Tag a woman who inspires you!


#ThrowbackThursday – Post an old photo to reminisce how far you’ve come.
#ThankfulThursday – What are you thankful for? Invite your followers to chime in
#Thursdate – Share your midweek date with your followers, can also be a business meeting!


#FollowFriday – Feature your favorite people to follow with a shout out!
#FeatureFriday – Another way to mention your favorite people to follow.
#TGIF – Share your fun weekend plans, and praise that the weekend is almost here.
Be sure to bookmark this post so you can keep this list handy!

Grow your community, free

Four ways helps you grow with hashtags is a social media dashboard, designed to make managing all your social media communities easier and faster! We have four different ways you can grow your followers and likes using hashtags, check them out.

1. #HappyMonday Helper

Every Monday, a special widget appears in your dashboard to help you wish your top followers a happy Monday. This helps you start a conversation with your top influencers, top engaged, top supporters, or top new followers. Commun.if already finds top members in your community for you – All you have to do is edit the text template, and click share!

Sign up for and look for it next Monday in your dashboard.

2. #FollowFriday Helper

Every Friday, people tweet and mention other people they suggest following. This could be friends, people you love to follow on Twitter, influencers or anyone! Each Friday the #FollowFriday Helper appears in your dashboard to help you recommend some people from your community too. This helps you get exposure, and will help you create some connections with people who will be grateful for the tag. already finds top members in your community for you – All you have to do is edit the text template, and click share!

This feature and many more are free! Sign up here


3. Discover trending hashtags in your community!

A fan favorite is our Top Trending Hashtags widget. This widget shows you what the people in your community (people you follow and people who follow you) are tweeting about that day. This widget is always there. Click ‘Tweet’ next to each topic to start a conversation with the people talking about this hashtag or topic.
Do you know what’s trending in your community? Sign up for free to find out!

4. Discover leads by hashtags that interest you

Finding people who are interested in the same topics as you is the first step in growing your community. The Leads tab of the dashboard is dedicated to helping you discover a new audience to follow. Following people every day on Twitter is important, as it makes it easy for people to easily follow you back. Use the ‘Add Keywords’ section to add hashtags that are relevant to you, it could be anything from #socialmedia to #finance to #cats. We’ll find tweets for you with that word, and also people who used the hashtag in their Twitter bio.
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