Twitter Analytics and the Importance of Influencer Marketing

Since the dawn of time, mankind has been struggling to achieve one thing, dominance. The quest has never been easy, and some have fallen from grace even though they have given it they’re all. And it seems that the world is never fair, nothing is easy, and most definitely everything will be a climb up a mountain, but there is still hope as long as you know where to go, what and when to do it, every outcome will be a game changer and life will become a little bit sweeter as you come closer to your goal. It’s not rocket science people, it’s following the obvious and common sense.

Nowadays, people tend to fall off guard when it comes to businesses whether it’s online or material. There is something that they seem to miss out. You can see a lot of businesses out there that start out good but fall short in getting to the desired position. Sad as it may be, there is no way to save a sinking ship, especially if it’s captain doesn’t know how to prevent a disaster in the first place. Thousands or maybe millions of dollars go straight down the drain and passions are lost forever. This is just brutal. No entrepreneur should experience this kind of trauma. It’s just devastating.

That is why it is very important to consider Twitter analytics and know the importance of influencer marketing. These two are the pillars of a good business and are the tools needed by a potential businessman or woman in order to get to that every sweet nirvana they call success. As I have mentioned, this is not rocket science but should be analyzed carefully and understood from top to bottom. Money isn’t the only thing that should be invested, dedication and patience should be considered as well. So let’s get started and understand what Twitter Analytics and Influencer Marketing is all about

What is Twitter Analytics?

Twitter analytics is analyzing how much your brand impacts Twitter. Being one of the most successful social media sites, it is obvious that this wonderful website can be the key to making your voice louder amongst the others. Quite honestly, most successful businesses today are because of Twitter Analytics, and if you are wondering why, it is because they get to know what the customer really wants, not just some hunch or assumption because of what they think is right. But how does it specifically add to your advantage?

The Ability to Compare Data

All the data you need is right there on Twitter and the great thing is you can actually compare the data of your followers and put them up against different demographics. In this way, you can measure the probability of successful follower attraction and be able to classify each one, as well as get an insight on the kind of market they belong to.


You Can See your Audience’s Insights

Gaining an insight to what your followers want, what they do, and what they are interested in spending money on is really helpful to your business. With Twitter Analytics, it is possible to make this happen so that you will be able to know your client and target audience a little deeper. Basically, you can see their interests, buying styles, marital status, gender, education and much more.

For example, you want to see the what’s hot or not for a certain gender or age group, just browse and click and you will get results in no time.

Analyzing these infos will really give you an advantage as well as a head start in making the proper marketing strategies. In this table, the audience is more interested in business and news and in that case, that is where your focus should be.


Measure Follower Increase

With Twitter Analytics, you will be able to see the increase of followers over the last month. This is actually a good indicator of whether or not your presence is actually influencing more people to spend time listening and buying your product. You can actually use this data to either maintain, change, add, or revise your marketing plans.

In this example, the most retweeted statis is #SEO and #Twitter, this means that your followers are more interested in that topic and that you should share more of it in able to increase your followers or perhaps just to keep your existing followers. You have to keep them interested so that they can share more of your tweets and when other twitter users see that your twitter content, they can be converted into followers too.

Tweet Impressions Observation

With Tweet impressions observation, you can see how well your tweets are doing. Whether or not they gained the desired retweets or have been replied with good or negative responses, it is always important to be aware and be vigilant with the impressions that your followers give you. In this way, it will not be hard to either delete or repeat a certain tweet. You can also use it to compare the number of tweets you have made or if you are tweeting enough to get noticed.

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Analyzing Tweet Engagements

Like tweet impressions, analyzing Tweet Engagements also play a vital role in Twitter Analytics. This is because you will be able to see the interactions your tweet has made. If it seems to be a little below than what is expected, you can always think of something new or better to talk about in order to boost your followers’ interests in what you have to say as well as get more people to like and follow you.

Knowing What’s Hot and What’s not

Lastly, you can be updated with the latest trends, talks, subjects, holidays cars, girls, guys, food and whatever the public sees as hot and worthy to spend time on. From this, you will be able to create sensationally and one of a kind topics that will most definitely gain you one or more than the expected number of followers.

Influencer Marketing

And now we have Influencer marketing, which is considered to be one of the best strategies today. Now your first question will be “What in the heck is this?” Well basically, influencer marketing involves getting people or influencers to market your brand or product. From the word itself, these people influence others to see the goodness in your endeavors and services that you are offering or providing. A good thing about influencer marketing is that it is very different from direct marketing because people nowadays are very sick and tired of dealing with ads especially those who appear all of a sudden from nowhere when you click something. Honestly, they have every right to use an ad blocker because of the irritating and same old ads that make your brand look less legitimate than you want it too.

Now you may wonder how influencer marketing really is. Well here are some facts to help you clear your mind:

Reaches Out to People

Remember, influencer marketing involves choosing the right people, and by doing so, you can expect that you will be able to connect with your consumer in a manner that will make them see the brighter side of your service or product.

Presents your Brand in a Transparent Sense

Although influencer marketing is done to attract people, it is also used to present your brand or product in a transparent sense. This means that they present it as something good and have experienced on their own, making it more believable and reliable and erases the stigma that they were only there because they were paid.

Attracts Attention

Influence Marketing actually attracts attention because they aren’t the old and boring pop up ads that you see everyday. Because this deals with real people, the target audience will be able to feel a connection with them rather than think that this is just another scheme or gimmick that was made to waste their time. Credibility is just as important as marketability, always remember that.

Makes the Audience Understand You More

If you were to make a sign or advertisement for your product, you would like your target audience to go and see it right? But what if they don’t understand what it is about? Will they still go and see it? Of course not! That is why influencer marketing is much better than just your regular direct marketing because it makes your audience understand you better and make them feel that they are making the right choice. For example, if a mobile phone company released a new unit, an influencer will test the performance and credibility of the company’s claims about this product. They will give honest reviews and insights on whether or not it is worth the price and time.

An example: Instagram user Say Tioco is an influencer. In one of her recent posts, she promoted a certain product. To us, who doesn’t know who Say Tioco is, it can be just a regular post but for her followers who know that she is a credible person who talks about products and write reviews, what she posts matter and that’s where influencer marketing takes place. We use the influencing power of social media personalities so that they can influence other users to try our products.

Higher Probability of Success

Influencer marketing has a higher success rate than that of direct marketing. This is the point that most entrepreneurs miss out because they think that leaving a sign or an ad in the middle of a road is going to help them reel in more audience. In a sense, it will, but it won’t bring as much customers as influencer marketing. Remember that every word and action that will come out from your influencers mouth and body is actually a bombardment of ideas, interests, and understanding to your customer.

Twitter Analysis and Influencer Marketing are the things that you really need in order to catch up on success. At first, they may sound complicated but when you actually utilize and take time to understand them, you will feel the change that you have been finding for a long time as well as the consistency of performance and success for your brand or service.

Sarah Grace

Sarah Grace Del Rosario is a freelance SEO specialist and social media marketer. Aside from working online, she also manages a passion based event styling business i the Philippines - Del Rosario Events and Photography. When not working, she loves to paint and travel.

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