4 Ways In Which Twitter Can Be Used To Generate Sales Leads

“If You Are Not Taking Care Of Your Customer, Your Competitor Will.”

Bob Hooey (A Famous Canadian Author & Business Coach)

It’s true that serving customers efficiently is the key to a successful business. An entrepreneur has to build an experienced marketing and sales team with passionate professionals who can take care of each and every customer by winning their trust and nurturing them throughout their buying journeys.

But it’s quite difficult for marketers to have a robust control and visibility into their sales pipelines in order to generate constant revenues. Basically, the sales pipeline gives you an idea of how an opportunity moves from one stage to another in the sales process.

The process of building a sales pipeline is quite challenging. You need to begin with determining the stages of the sales cycle. Then you need to evaluate the number of opportunities and identify the ones who get converted and modify your sales process accordingly.

The primary stage of the sales pipeline is getting connected with potential buyers. This is the most crucial phase and marketers need to carefully formulate policies so that to build a strong foundation for their pipeline.

Earlier, sales professionals have to do a lot of struggle in finding prospects to build their sales pipeline. They use to make cold calls to several people in a day. But only a few of them revert properly which was the foremost reason for sales professionals to get depressed.

But social media has made this tedious task easier than ever. Especially Twitter has become the blue-eyed boy for filling the sales pipeline. According to the new research to find the find the value of influencers on Twitter, almost 40% of Twitter users say they’ve made a purchase as a direct result of a Tweet from an influencer.

But what is that special factor that makes Twitter outshine all other social media giants? And, how this platform can be used by marketers to generate sales leads? Let’s reveal the answers.

Why Only Choose Twitter & Not Any Other Social Media Platform to Generate Sales Leads?

We all agree that there are different social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. but what made Twitter stand out in terms of letting brands connect with potential prospects and generate sales leads?

This is because Twitter is a more sophisticated platform which has intense business conversations, profile bios, and updates related to several products under its umbrella. This is the ideal platform for marketing professionals to find out what’s going on in the minds of their targeted customers? Also, they can discover what triggers them to get involved with a brand and make a purchase.

In addition to all these details, Twitter has a wider customer base and every brand can find their target customers on this platform irrespective of the type of products or service they are dealing with. As per a report presented by Adweek.Com, Twitter has 305M active and engaged monthly users and 77% of them pay attention to product reviews on the platform to make a buying purchase.

How Twitter Can Be Used To Build A Sales Pipeline?

The majority of marketers understand the significance of Twitter in building a sales pipeline for their brands. But rarely they pay any attention to putting efforts in the same direction. In order to give shake their sleeping minds and give them a fresh perspective to finding potential prospects, let’s explore the four major ways in which they can use Twitter to build a sales pipeline:

1. The Awareness Stage: Getting Engaged In Twitter Communities

Marketers can explore different communities on Twitter and connect with those that are relevant to their business. The marketing pros can make it a habit of spending a fixed amount of time every day in these communities.

They should pay attention to the common pain points highlighted by the customers and engage with a few twitter users every day. This will allow you to build a loyal base of Twitteratis for your own business in the long-run. You can personally connect with these prospects and make them aware of your product or a service such as app prototyping, if your company offers prototyping of mobile apps before app development.

2. The Consideration Stage: Connecting With Twitteratis In Real Sense Via Chats & Sharing Content

After making people aware of your product now it’s the time to convince them why do they consider it? Their ultimate motive will be to find a solution that is in sync with their specific requirements. Also, they would want some logical justification in order to buy a particular product.

Both these objectives can be fulfilled if marketing professionals start engaging with the audience and join a few Twitter chats every week. Efforts should be made to impress Twitteratis by providing them with influential content, retweeting, sharing, and commenting on the same to make it noticeable.

Marketers and sales pros can use Twitter in the following two ways in order to convert prospects into leads:

a. Promoted Tweets

These tweets appear on the timeline of a person and are labeled as promoted. You can use such tweets to announce a new product launch, promote a piece of content, introducing an upcoming event, or revealing an exciting sale you are going to offer.

b. Lead Generation Cards

You can integrate Twitter lead generation cards to the tweets you post in order to allow people to submit their twitter handle, names, and emails to you without leaving the platform. The information can get stored either in your Twitter Ads panel or CRM database. Twitter lead generation cards have already partnered with a few sales CRM providers such as InfusionSoft, Salesforce, Marketo, Benchpoint, Eloqua, etc.

3. The Decision Making Stage: Bring It Offline & Make It Official

Finally, when you reach the stage where you want to give a further push to those people who have already made up their minds to buy your products, arrange offline meetings and have a face to face interaction with them. At least try to participate in one or two offline meetings every month with potential buyers coming from Twitter communities. It can be the best way to persuade them and make them understand the USP of your product. Personal meetings can leave a lasting impression on prospects and they might take a decision to shake hands with your brand then and there.

Twitter is a powerful medium to promote your content and connect with the target audience. It helps you in generating leads and reaching people at different stages of the sales cycle to eventually closing the deal with them.

Aviraj Makhija

Anubhuti Shrivastava is a content crafter at Arkenea and Benchpoint. She is passionate about writing articles on topics related to design and the software development industry.

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