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Better Manage Your Twitter Relationships. Focus on your influencers. Manage multiple profiles & schedule tweets.


Multiple Twitter Profiles

Manage multiple Twitter profiles easily from a single dashboard.

Team Members

Invite your team members to manage your community.

Actionable Insights

One glance and you'll know whom to follow, thank and respond.

Simplified Monitoring

Measure your social media efforts, know what’s working. Don't miss important mentions.

Influential Marketing

Focus on your top influencers & supporters, don't miss their engagements, follow them.

Manage Twitter Lists

Easily build an engaged community using Twitter lists. Divide lists into custom categories.


Quickly identify valuable people in your Twitter community that you were neglecting to engage because of all the noise in your stream.

Commun.it turn the status-oriented world of Twitter to a relationship dashboard, enabling marketers to effectively analyze relationships & gain insights.
Commun.it changes the way people build relationships and generate business on Twitter.
..I started using Commun.it to be more efficient on the way I manage out Twitter communities. My favorite features? The prioritized feed to focus on the relevant members of the community..
Kiva uses Commun.it to measure its impact and engagement on Twitter. But the service goes far beyond that. It gives us all the tools we need to listen to our most influential fans and followers..


Commun.it categorizes people in 3 groups: Influencers, Supporters & Engaged Members. Judged by followers/following ratio, your engagement history, retweets & brand mentions.

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MTV EXIT @mtvexit

@sharelomer Thanks for your support and for letting us try out commun.it. We're loving it so far. http://mtvexit.org

Compete @compete

#FollowFriday #FF @conor_omahony @OpEdMarketing @Kantar for being top influencers in our community this week :) via @commun_it

Sierra Modro @sierramodro

Trying out @commun_it to track Twitter interaction. Great analytics and easy to use. Who are your most valuable followers?

Swatch @swatch

Twitter management app @commun_it now comes with fully fledged @bufferapp integration. Looks interesting http://www.commun.it

Ann H. Shea @AnnieintheSun

My fav #Twitter tool = @Commun_it . My fav #SoMe resource @AndreaVahl . Improve your life; Discover both!

Irene Koehler @IreneKoehler

I love @commun_it, Great tool for tracking the most engaged members of your community. Just added it to @happathon!


Thanks @Teesuda1 @BraIDon20 for being top new followers in my community this week :) | insight by http://commun.it

Hollis Tibbetts @SoftwareHollis

#FF Commun_IT - using your #SocialMedia #Twitter console for interacting w. 25K followers- it ROCKS http://commun.it

Rob Bertholf @rob

Highly endorse @commun_it software, fantastic relation management for Twitter! http://Commun.it

DJ Sam House @djsamhouse

#FollowFriday @latinprince, @BCSSODMG, @RealPaulJr, @ffffevr my top community influencers this week. (via http://commun.it )

Modern Working Woman @ModWorkingWoman

I love you guys! @commun_it You're making life easier for me! :-)

Jack Norell @eyeflare

Thanks @commun_it for sorting out my account issues today. Great service and super useful tool for #Twitter. #SocialMedia


Commun.it will suggest people for you to consider to follow and unfollow based on their influence, relevance, and engagement level.